ERNESTO PASCUAL: Farmer Hero From Asingan

ERNESTO PASCUAL and his Red Hot pepper.

ERNESTO PASCUAL, 55, is one of the “Farmer Heroes” of East-West Seed Company who will be honored on December 12, 2012 during the 30th anniversary celebration of the company in San Rafael, Bulacan.

An agriculturist who has been connected with the Department of Agriculture up to this time, he has been pursuing his own vegetable planting with the assistance of his wife Gregoria.

He grows different vegetable varieties but one money maker these days is Bonito ampalaya (we interviewed him last Nov. 15, 2012 while attending the National Mango Congress). His half hectare Bonito is giving him at least 100 kilos every other day which he sells for P2,500.

One big money maker earlier was Galactica ampalaya which he planted on a half hectare. Planted in early July, he started harvesting on August 25. At first he just harvested 20 kilos but it soon increased to 250 kilos every four days.  He got his highest yields in October during which he harvested 350 to 400 kilos every four days and which he sold at P35 to P45 per kilo. At 400 kilos times P45, that’s P18,000 in one picking.

Pascual’s other money makers are patola, upo and Red Hot pepper. Photo shows him with his very fruitful Red Hot pepper.

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