EUGENE’S LARGE BLACK PIG: Gives Birth To 14 Piglets!

Eugene Gabriel of Santiago City, Isabela, could not hold his excitement last March 20, 2018. He called to tell us that his Large Black pig gave birth to 14 healthy piglets! A couple of weeks earlier, his other Large Black pig breeder gave birth to 12 piglets.

Eugene Gabriel’s Large Black pig with one day-old 14 piglets.One was not included in the picture.

He and a partner are now going to set up a multiplier farm for Large Black pig where they will use a special TMR or Total Mix Ration that they will feed the animals. TMR is a feed formulation complete with beneficial microorganisms, enzymes and biofiber ingredients for fast growth at a low cost.

Eugene observes that the Large Black mother pig is very docile with very good mothering ability. Add to that its fast growth and prolific nature and you have a really BIG WINNER. Eugene said that a reader of this blog, a Filipino based in the UK, has ordered several breeders for raising as free-range hogs in the Cordillera.

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