Do we mean a machine that lays the golden egg? No, it is actually a cage of ready-to-lay pullets that Pilmico is distributing to farmers as a means of helping them to achieve additional income.

Pilmico is the food subsidiary of the Aboitiz Equity Ventures which is into flour and livestock feed milling. Only recently, Pilmico distributed 10 egg machines to beneficiaries at the Sports and Cultural Centrum in Sibonga, Cebu. Each of the egg machines consists of 48 layers, a cage and a month-long supply of feeds.

PILMICO’S Egg Machine actually consists of 48 ready-to-lay pullets.

The recipients, of course, are trained before hand to take care of the birds by technicians of Pilmico. In a few days, the birds should start laying eggs and the recipient could keep some of the eggs for home consumption and sell the rest. If 70 percent of the layers lay eggs each day, the beneficiary will be able to sell most of the eggs and save the money for future use.

The beneficiary could save the money to buy the necessary feeds after the month-long supply is consumed. The hens will lay eggs daily for at least a year and if the raiser is prudent, he or she can save enough money to pay for the chicks or ready-to-lay pullets for the next growing  cycle. And if everything goes fine, the raiser can really expand his poultry project using his savings from the initial stock. That’s actually the idea of Pilmico to help underprivileged farmers become entrepreneurial and economically independent.

The idea of helping farmers engage in backyard farming that is sustainable was started by Pilmico in mid-2014. Todate, the company  has distributed 252 egg machines to farmers in various parts of the country, particularly where the company has business operations.

The piglets donated by PILMICO during the affair in Sibonga, Cebu.

BACKYARD PIGGERY – Actually, it is not only chickens that Pilmico is distributing to beneficiaries to help them start their backyard projects that could provide them sustainable livelihoods.

The company has been dispersing two piglets to each recipient, including enough feeds for one month. In its last dispersal in Sibonga, Cebu, 30 piglets were given to 15 beneficiaries. The recipients take care of the pigs and when the fatteners are sold, they keep all the proceeds for them to invest in additional piglets to raise or for some other money-making projects. Todate, Pilmico has already donated a total of 880 piglets to recipients in different parts of the country.

BAKERY STARTER KITS – During the event in Sibonga, Pilmico also awarded bakery starter kits to two recipients. Each consists of a 1-deck 4-tray oven, bread rack, working table, a delivery bike and 10 bags of flour. The recipients are also trained to bake breads that they can sell immediately around the community.

The donations are part of Pilmicos “Mahalin Pagkaing Atin” program, a campaign designed to promote sustainable entrepreneurship through promotion of local produce and instill a “pride of product, pride of place” mindset for both farmers and local consumers, thus enabling operators to maximize profit without passing through middlemen.

“We go around the country to promote backyard farming because we believe in the potential of our Filipino farmers to be a successful partner for growth. We hope that these piglets, egg machines and bakery kits will serve as the right tools to enable our farmers to develop sustainable livelihoods in the years to come,” said Sabin M. Aboitiz, Pilmico president and chief executive officer (CEO).

Aside from the turnover of livelihood kits, Pilmico also hosted several lectures on animal husbandry and nutrition, basic and advanced baking demos as well as micro-financing and branding seminars. Attendees were also treated to cooking demos led by “Mahalin Pagkaing Atin” ambassador Chef Boy Logro where the different flavors of Cebu were showcased using pork, chicken and eggs.

Pilmico has been providing customers with high-quality wheat flour and related products since 1962. It also excels in swine and poultry production and animal feeds.

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