Ex-OFW Goes For Exotic Fruit Trees

A smiling Romy Corpuz and his two grandchildren, Gabriel and Aldrin Kian, posing with variegated chico they bought from the Sarian Farm which he will plant in his farm in Solano, Nueva Ecija.

A former OFW, Romy Corpuz, 71, has his own idea in pursuing his leisure farming. In his residence in Antipolo City where he has big space, he is very happy about the imported mango varieties that he planted after retiring from his foreign job as an electrical engineer in the Middle East and in Thailand.

He is so proud of his Golden Queen mango that bears big fruits that are nice to eat as green mango because it is not sour and also delicious as ripe fruit. The same is true with his R2E2 mango from Australia which also bears big fruits that are reddish when ripe. It is also nice to eat as green as well as ripe fruit.

The third imported variety that he also likes is the Chokanan from Thailand. This is a variety that will bear fruit any time of the year. The fruits are best eaten when fully mature and half ripe.

Romy also has a farm in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya which he is developing. He is also planting exotic fruit trees there. He has already planted grafted seedlings of his favorite exotic mangoes but they are still in their juvenile stage. The latest variety that he is introducing in Nueva Vizacaya is the variegated chico. He has bought two fruiting plants grown in a rubberized container for his Solano farm.
He said that he wants to introduce something novel in Nueva Vizcaya. The two variegated chicos could serve as mother plants for propagation purposes.

Romy could derive income from his exotic fruits not only from their fruits for sale but also propagations that other farmers would like to buy. Grafted exotic fruit trees sell at a much higher price than the ordinary varieties.


R2E2 is one of Romy’s favorite exotic mangoes from Australia.

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