EXCITING FEATURES: Hortikultura 2018, Feb. 2-11, Quezon Memorial Circle, QC

If plans that are being discussed today (Dec. 2017), will push through, attendees of Hortikultura 2018 will enjoy viewing the flowering annuals of Allied Botanical. Plans are being threshed out by PHS, the QC government and Allied Botanical Corporation.

Exciting activities and features will be highlighted at the annual garden show of the Philippine Horticulture Society, Hortikultura 2018, which will be held on Feb.2 to 11 at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City.

Dorie S. Bernabe, chairman of PHS, is excited about a plan being threshed out by the PHS, the Quezon City government and Allied Botanical Corporation which is well known for its seeds of vegetables and flowering plants.

The plan is to transform into a huge floral garden a big portion of the walkway between the Flower Garden and the Tropical Garden where Hortikultura will be held. Allied Botanical will provide the flowering plants and the technical expertise so that the attendees of the garden show will be able to realize that the many flowering plants could as well be grown in urban Metro Manila and many other places.

Dorie S. Bernabe (center) is flanked by Adela Ang of Ashitaba fame and Norma Villanueva, PHS president. Bernabe is the PHS chairman. Adela Ang is Hortikultura exhibitor. 
Boyet Ganigan and his hibiscus hybrids that will be among the attractions at Hortikultura 2018.

Another new feature of the annual garden show is the participation of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) which will put up an air-conditioned tent where the seminars and workshops on various horticultural topics will be held. The same structure will also serve as a display area where small and medium enterprises can display and sell their products. PHS is coordinating with DTI so that horticulture could be given ample attention to make it an honest-to-goodness industry that could provide jobs to small scale entrepreneurs.

Beautiful Bantigue bonsai. There will be a big showcase of bonsai by members of BSAPI. The showcase will be executed by Vincent Ferrer of Angono, Rizal.
Letty Ligon is a former BSAPI president who is a collector of prize-winning bonsai.

Members of the Bonsai and Suiseki Alliance of the Philippines Inc. (BSAPI), on the other hand, will also come up with a big display of their masterpieces. The showcase will be executed by Vincent Ferrer, a master bonsaist from Angono, Rizal and currently vice president of BSAPI.

Hotrikultura 2018 will also feature corporate landscape competition, table plant (ornamentals) competition, ornamental dish garden competition, Hoya arts exhibit, edible food landscape competition, vertical landscape competition and others.

Attendees of Hortikultura 2018 will be able to see beautifully cultured ornamental plants like this rare Alocasia.
A rare Asplenium fern. Many other unusual plants will be exhibited at Hortikultura 2018.

One other special feature will be the Terrarium, Aquascape and Vivarium Tanks exhibit being coordinated by Tiffany Cham which will be participated in by foreign exhibitors from Singapore and some other places. This will be held at the QCX museum. Other exhibits at the QCX include the flower arrangement competition (professional and amateur categories), art exhibit by Allan Sycip, Orchid aseptic culture exhibit, and photo exhibit of Philippine orchid species by Dr. Miguel de Leon.

Tillandsia exhibit by Doreen Dofitas. She will lecture on Tillandsia on Feb. 6 at 2 pm at the Hortikultura 2018/

DAILY LECTURES – One other feature of Hortikultura 2018 is the series of daily lectures that will be held at the air-conditioned tent to be put up by the DTI. On February 3, at 10 am, the DTI will conduct a lecture on entrepreneurship by the Go Negosyo group. It will be followed at 2 o’clock by a lecture by Salvacion Leuenberger will talk on Waling-Waling and other native orchids.

On Feb. 4, Tiffany Cham will conduct the workshop on Terrarium, Vivarium and Aquarium workshop at 10 in the morning. In the afternoon of the same day, Lino Rom will talk on cacti and succulents.

On Feb. 5, at 2 pm., Ayna Bulawan will lecture on interiorscaping. The next day, Feb. 6, at 2 pm, Doreen Dofitas of Bacolod City will talk on Tillandsias. Tillandsias are a special genus of bromeliads which Doreen’s husband, Rene, is hybridizing. He is about the biggest breeder of Tillandsias around the world. His hybrids are now being exported to other countries like Japan, Taiwan and elsewhere.

On Feb. 7, a 2 pm, Flor Tarriela of thethe Fern & Nature Society will conduct a lecture on Philippine “weedibles and weedicinals”. And on Feb. 8, at 2 pm, there will be a lecture on export and import procedures in horticultural products by the BPI.

Adenium production is scheduled on Feb. 8 at 2 pm, by the Pangasinan Garden Society. Then on Feb. 9, at 10 am, Louie Tabing and Dr. Candida Adalla will talk on virgin coconut oil production. This will be followed in the afternoon by a bonsai workshop to be conducted by BSAPI.

On Feb. 11 at 10 am, Dr Jaime Galvez Tan will talk on alternative medicine. In the afternoon, Zac B. Sarian, will give an update on exotic fruit trees.

Zac B. Sarian will give an update on Exotic Fruit Trees at 2 pm. on Feb. 11 at Hortikultura 2018. He is shown here with his fruiting durian tree in Teresa, Rizal. Other exotic fruits include imported makopa varieties, latexless jackfruit, Longkong and Duku lanzones, imported pummelos and mangoes.
Zac B. Sarian harvesting Abiu in his farm.

THE PHS STORY – The Philippine Horticultural Society was organized about 40 years ago by orchid and ornamental plant enthusiasts led by the late Col. Zoilo Estrella who used to grow beautiful cattleyas. One other pillar in horticulture includes the late Juan Escobar who grew beautiful orchids and was also a researcher on fertilizing and managing orchid cultivation.

Other personalities who helped PHS grow include Dr. Romeo Gutierrez, a medical doctor who is a hobbyist who produced outstanding aglaonema hybrids. He was president of the society for several terms. Other former presidents include the late Mody Manglicmot who was well known for his huge ferns and bonsai. Then there was the late Dr. Vic Saplala who was a well known orchid breeder. Many others became top officers of the society, including Dorie S. Bernabe, Wendy Regalado and others.

Wendy Regalado is a former president of Philippine Horticultural Society. She loves to eat durian. Photo taken at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

The membership of the society include hobbyists as well as commercial operators of nurseries and plant shops. The society conducts up to now a monthly meeting whereby a resource speaker is invited to talk on a timely topic.

The annual garden show is a major project of the PHS. It is where the members as well as invited non-members of the society participate in putting up their exhibit booths to showcase their outstanding plants, and also to showcase their landscaping expertise.

The garden show has a commercial section where members and non-members offer their products for sale to the public. It is where the gardening public can source their gardening supplies like plants, fertilizers, crop protection products and many others.

By the way, co-chairs of Hortikultura 2018 are businessman Butch Campos, Efren Chatto of King Louis Plants and Flowers and Toto Barcelona of Harbest Agribusiness.









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