Fair Warning On Starting Your Farm (Agri Tip No. 11)

(This is the first chapter of our book, How To Start And Manage Your Own Dream Farm, which is now out of print. This could serve as fair warning to those who are intending to go into farming.)

Farming Has Its Risks and Rewards

SO YOU want to be a farmer. You want to start and develop your own dream farm.

Fine! You are not unlike so many other professionals in the city and elsewhere who dream of having a small piece of paradise.

But don’t be carried away by your fantasies.

Farming has its problems as well as its rewards. Farming can be enjoyable but it can also be frustrating.

You can lose your shirt and your pants in farming. You can even lose your sanity. But farming can also make you rich not only in terms of money but also in experience and self-fulfillment.

When you decide to go into farming, be prepared to sweat and work the soil with your own hands. Be ready to spend money. Be prepared to face the fury of Mother Nture and its consequences. But you should also be prepared to reap the bounty of your hard work and share it with your loved ones.

Of course, you want your farming to be successful, rewarding and enjoyable.So keep logging on to this website. Or regularly read our columns and articles in the Manila Bulletin and its other publications like Panorama Magazine, Agriculture Magazine, Bannawag (Ilocano), Liwayway (Pilipino or Tagalog), Bisaya and Hiligaynon (Ilonggo).

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