“All about useful farming ideas, opportunities, interesting agri-people, agri destinations, crops and livestock, doable money-making projects, research results, agri events and many more.”

Please be guided that stated above is the mantra of this website. We are an agriculture related news agency with more that 1000+ content/articles and almost 4000 subscribers to date.

1 . Where can we buy this and that item?

• Have you tried our search button? Just type in keywords pertaining to your query and related articles within this website. The post that may answer your query will appear for your reading pleasure.
• If you cannot find the answer to your questions in the articles – chances are that ZBS has not encountered it himself.
• If a company was mentioned within the article – simply google for a related company website. Chances are if it is an affiliate company of zacsarian.com – we can easily direct the reader to the website. If it was a press release, chances are we have no idea if they have a website or facebook presence. It is very difficult for us to keep tabs and is honestly beyond our obligation to the said company.
• Please be reminded that we are a news agency and not a seller of any items we cover. Our main purpose is to keep you updated with new items in the market. The company or person mentioned is still responsible on how they market and make their items available to end users.

2. Can we get the number of so and so?

• Usually we print the contact number of a person of interest if the person allows. We suggest to use the search button within our site and type the name for related articles.
• If a person of interest’s number is not posted – chances are we also cannot give it anytime without proper permission. Most of the time these people have been only introduced to us and not our obligation to be posting contact numbers of individuals without their consent.
• Not all people of interest are willing to take in individual calls just for a one-on-one lesson. Please be mindful that these people also lead very hectic lives and we only post their numbers if they request so.

3. Can you recommend a company or person who can supply this and that item?

• We truly cannot do it – we apologize. Aside from the fact that all business people develop their own leverage, our contact persons and network is our leverage. We have built and established relationships with these individuals over the years.
• Not only because they are our contact but because it is difficult for us to come in between deals of individuals. Not all of our contacts may be credible supplier eventually, as we cannot keep tabs of their personal endeavors and how they deal with businesses.
• We have hooked-up sellers and buyers a lot of times, but through personal situations. We cannot do so with a reader we have not met or know nothing about.
• Otherwise we recommend joining our Farmer’s Market Online Community to find suppliers in your local area.

We are also creating the Agri-Kapihan Section which can offer advice and technical know how’s through invited and willing mentors.

4. Please you give us a detailed procedure how to do this and that.

• Sorry we can’t – we are a news agency and not a technical school. We are not obliged to give hands on or a detailed knowledge about such and such technology because it might be beyond our expertise.
• Suggestion is to try google and youtube – simply by typing key words to your related search.
• With our mantra in mind, we are showcasing mostly ideas and technical know-how based from research works we receive, from experience and from doing farm visits. But we do not make recommendations beyond our knowledge, as much as possible. We have a lot of different articles that could be useful to different kinds of farmers.
• As a farmer myself, I have farming practices that work for me but may not necessarily work for you. Our objective here is to showcase different methods and to inspire you to try out for yourself until you become comfortable with an idea.

5. I am a newbie seeking for a profitable agri venture.

•We actually get a lot of questions of this nature.  Seriously, we cannot give you a sensible response if we don’t know the circumstances you are in at the present.
•But if you are diligent – you can browse through the different articles in this blog that will be very helpful. Our initial recommendation is to read up on related articles concerning your interest, attend workshops and join agri tours and visit agri trade shows.

6. Where can we join workshops?

• We also get a lot of this similar questions – initially, we suggest visiting our Agri Events page where we showcase upcoming events, agri tours, and trade fairs. Beyond these articles posted, we really do not know what else to recommend. We do not really chase information on where – but we accept press release materials from companies or groups that hold the workshops/seminars.
•Our suggestion is to visit our Partners page as well – most of our affiliate partners offer workshops and seminars related to their expertise/service – you can directly inquire through them.

7. I am a company/individual with so and so credentials and we do the best product, please advertise us.

•As a journalist, I do not write about companies, individuals or a services randomly because you claim to be the best. It’s very difficult to convince me with sales kits and press materials. You may not be directly aware but over the years I have tried many products and interviewed countless people, that your claimed idea may not be the first time I have encountered or wrote about. This blog alone has over a thousand articles already since 2012, but you may not be aware I have been writing about Agriculture since the 60s in different local and international publications.
•As a responsible journalist, I normally write about products that companies and individuals send to us for sampling, or indulge invitations to check out their projects, services, or farms but I am not obligated to write about it, nor am I obligated to write about it in the direction you aspire. Randomly I do find and write about ideas and products from visiting agricultural events and trade fairs.
•I am dedicated to writing articles that I deem important, significant and interesting according to my experience and expertise. This has always been the way my credibility as an Agriculture editor has been established through the years.
•Those who wish to send us their products for sampling and testing, just send us a message through our contact info below. But we are not in anyway obligated to write about it – but we will be more than willing to send you an honest feedback if that is your objective. And if we do find it interesting, we will be writing about it as an editorial article and inform you about it. This way we become honest and objective with you and our readers

For other inquires not indicated above – you can send us a message in our Contact page visible in the HOME section.