FARM STORE,Story no.15


FOR MANY YEARS, life was a constant struggle for 59-year-old Ruperto Capoy Pabroa of Bayabas, Adlaon, Cebu City. He planted alugbati, ginger and sweet corn on a half-hectare land that was not even his own in 1982. He just gave one fourth of the income to the owner. The income, understandably, was not much

MEAGER INCOME – Later the area he was cultivating expanded to one hectare but the income was barely enough for the needs of his growing family of seven children by 1995, although he was also working as a jeepney driver and garbage collector. He was then making P8,000 to P10,000 per month.

FARMING FULL-TIME – By the year 2000, Ruperto realized that farming despite his struggles in growing crops, was still the best occupation that could provide a better future for his family rather than his previous work as jeepney driver and garbage collector. He devoted his full time to cultivating the one hectare that he did not yet own, planting East-West Seed’s sweet corn as his main crop.

FARM PRODUCE STORE  – The big turn of event came in 2002 when Ruperto decided to put up a farm produce store at the Transcentral Highway where he sold his harvest. The store grew and grew, selling not only sweet corn but also many other vegetables grown by him and other farmers. He was also financing other farmers to grow vegetables and sweet corn that he can sell in his store.

VERY PROUD – He was so proud when we got his story in 2016 that seven of his children had finished college and was sending his remaining two children to high school and college. Aside from selling farm produce in his store, he had two multicab vehicles and a big delivery truck that Ruperto used to deliver orders from big buyers in other parts of Cebu. No doubt he had achieved financial security after long years of struggle.

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