FARM TIP: Figure Out What The Consumers Can Afford

We remember a practical tilapia farmer from Tarlac we interviewed years ago. Instead of culturing his tilapia to weigh the usual 250 grams apiece as is the usual practice of most fish farmers, he grew them into 125 grams only. Why?

He figured out that many of the buyers have big families and are not well off. So that the family members will have at least one whole fish at meal time, they will buy the smaller fish.

The tilapia farmer was right. He was selling a lot of his production. It meant that he used a lot of fingerlings to produce a ton of market fish. That was all right because he had his own hatchery.

Of course, he devoted a few ponds for producing bigger tilapia for the other customers. But most of his production was the 125-grams size.

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