FARM TIP: Grow A Variety That Yields High With Few Rejects!

These are fruits of Jenjen. Fairly uniform and of good quality favored by consumers. The variety is high yielding.
Nestor Rodilla of Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna. On his 4th harvest from his half hectare planted to Jenjen, he harvested 1,000 kilos worth P27,000.

You want to grow a crop that you can harvest within a short time so you can have income right away. Sure you do. Don’t you? Okay, here are some tips that can help you.

Tip No.1 – Just produce what you think your target market can absorb. Don’t over-produce, otherwise you will end up with excess harvest that you will not know what to do.

Tip No.2 – Grow a variety that is high-yielding with high quality harvest. One that is loved by consumers. Even if the prices will be low, you may still make a profit because of your high yield of quality produce.

Tip No.3 – Time  your planting. Don’t plant at the same time as the other farmers. If you will be the only one that has the  supply, God bless you. You will be financially rewarded abundantly.

LET’S HEAR FROM FARMERS – Now, let’s hear from farmers we have interviewed. Both Nestor Rodilla and Bonifacio Consebido of Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna agree that cucumber is a short-term crop that is profitable to grow with the right strategies.

The variety they like best currently is Jenjen. It is a short term crop that produces the first harvest in just 45 days from planting the seeds. In a recent cropping, Nestor Rodilla planted Jenjen on a half hectare. Harvesting was done every two days. In his 4th harvest when his plants were 51 days old, he was able to harvest 1,000 kilos from his half hectare. He sold the same at P27 to P30 per kilo. That was high because the supply in the market was low. So, at P27 per kilo, that was already P27,000 in just one day! He harvested from his crop 22 times.

Bonifacio Consebido agrees that Jenjen is a good variety. In a recent harvest from a 7,500 sq.m. parcel, he got 700 kilos of good quality fruits. Only 20 kilos were rejects which were still saleable as they had only minor defects. The two bought their seeds from Ramgo, one of the leading seed companies in the Philippines.

Bonifacio Consebido in his cucumber plantation.
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