FARM TIP: Maintain Adequate Moisture In Fruiting Durian

In Luzon at this time of the year, April to June, many durian trees are laden with flowers and young developing fruits. To prevent excessive fruit drop, maintain adequate moisture in the soil.


Fruiting durian at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

When the trees suffer from drought, the young fruits will fall. That”s because the roots are unable to take up nutrients from the soil to nourish the developing fruits. Make sure also that there’s adequate fertility in the soil. Apply 10 kilos of Durabloom organic fertilizer about a meter around the base of each ย six-year-old ย or older durian trees. Reinforce that with complete fertilizer, about two kilos per tree and water thoroughly every three or four days.

By doing this, many of the fruits will grow to maturity. The fruits will also taste very good.

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