FARM TIP: Remove The Lower Leaves Of Your Eggplant!

See how nice looking and fruitful are the eggplant with lower leaves pruned?
Dr. Mary Ann Sayoc is really happy with the eggplant with pruned lower leaves.

Why are we going to remove the lower leaves of our eggplant?

Well, there are very good reasons for that. The lower leaves are usually no longer functional. And they consume some nutrients from the soil. So they donโ€™t serve any good.

Removing the lower leaves will result in better ventilation in the field. Better ventilation could avoid fungal infection. Also, leaves that are not removed might be the nesting place of insect pests.

Well, we will show here three pictures that will convince you that it is wise to prune the lower leaves of eggplant.

Another photo of eggplant with pruned lower leaves.
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