Farm Visit At Sarian Farm

Farm Visit At Sarian Farm
Members of the Department of Health of Las Piñas City recently visited the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal where they observed how exotic fruit trees are being grown in the ground as well as in containers.
The farm tour participants were guided by Mentong Vierneza of the tourism office of Teresa, Rizal. 
Photo shows the participants posing with Miracle Fruit growing in plastic bags. They also observed rambutan, pummelo, longkong lanzones, latexless jackfruit, mangosteen, balimbing and many other exotic fruit trees. 
Miracle Fruit, by the way, is some kind of a curiosity plant. This plant bears small berries about the size of a coffee berry but the fruit is oblong. When you chew the thin flesh of the berry and you eat something sour afterward, that sour something thing you eat will taste sweet. Even the beer you drink will taste sweet.
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