Farmers Can Save A Lot With Biofertilizers Developed In Los Baños!

MycoGroe will make forest tree seedlings grow faster and sturdier.

AT THE URBAN Agriculture trade show in Quezon City a few years ago, UP Los Baños displayed samples of their so-called biofertilizers. These are microbial inoculants that boost the growth and productivity of various crops.

FOR FOREST TREES – One of them is Mycogroe which is intended for various forest trees like pines, eucalyptus, acacia and several others. This inoculant which may be drenched to the newly planted seedlings enhances root development and faster growth. Other formulations displayed included BioGreen, NitroPlus, BioQuick and others.

LATEST BIOFERT – What interested us most was MykoPlus which is said to be the latest biofertilizer to be developed at the Biotech or the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. The team that developed the same was headed by Dr. Jocelyn T. Zarate.

VARIOUS MICROBES – What makes MykoPlus different is that it is made up of various strains and species of microbes. It contains different species and strains of mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria that include nitrogen fixers, phosphorus solubilizers and growth hormone secretors.

WORKS WONDERS FOR CORN – MykoPlus comes in powder form and it has been proven to work wonders on corn. It is also very easy to apply. The corn seeds before  planting are simply coated with the powder. And what is the result? The plants are able to take up and assimilate nutrients in the soil efficiently.  

MykoPlus can make farmers save 30% on chemical fertilizers.

30% SAVINGS FOR FARMERS – In field trials in farmers’ fields in Isabela and Cagayan, the corn plants treated with MykoPlus had better or at least comparable yield to crops that received 100 percent recommended rate of chemical fertilizers. This meant 30 percent savings by farmers on the use of recommended chemical fertilizers, according to the report from the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD).

LONGER ROOTS – The report added that in Manaoag, Pangasinan, farmers observed that their corn plants treated with MykoPlus produced more roots that were also longer. This means they can take up more nutrients faster and they could also be more resistant to drought because of their deeper roots. At the same time, the farmers observed that their plants had better survival from the prolonged flooding brought about by typhoons.

FOR MANY OTHER CROS, TOO – MykoPlus has also been observed to work equally well on other crops that include rice, cassava, sorghum and vegetables. In rice, the grains are fully filled and thus, heavier.

FOR SOIL REHAB – Continuous use of MykoPlus and other biofertilizers help build up a diverse population of beneficial organisms in the soil. Soils that had been degraded by prolonged excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides become healthier for sustained productivity.

OUR ONLY LAMENT – When we write about new products from UP Los Baños  and our readers from the provinces ask us where they can buy the same, we could not direct them to a supplier near their place. What we only know is that they have to buy from Los Baños. Of course, we could be wrong, but we really don’t know where else the biofertilizers are available.

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