FARMING SUCCESS: Meet A Jeepney Driver Who Turned To Farming And Grew Rich

Danny Mateo used to be a jeepney driver before he decided to go into vegetable farming in 1982. Now he is a rich man.

You read about Danny Mateo in our previous post, did you? He is the guy who knew how to produce sweeter sitao. His is a rags-to-riches story. Read on.

Danny who finished elementary school was a jeepney after he got married at a young age. When he realized that he could not make do with driving a jeepney to support a family, he borrowed 2,500 square meters from his father so he could start planting vegetables.

.PERFECT DECISION – That was in 1982. Danny’s decision was perfect. By eventually planting his own vegetables on rented and on purchased land, and by buying and selling other farmers’ produce like sweet corn, he has achieved his dream of a financially- secure life. He combines growing veggies and trading.

With his good income he was able to send his children to college who are now professionals. These include a teacher, a civil engineer, a medical doctor and an electronic engineer. 

Danny was also able to buy farm lands, vehicles for personal and business use. He has bought farm machinery and equipment to mechanize his farming and has also built a beautiful home.

We have met Danny a number of times. One was in a building where the harvests are sorted and packed for the market. At that time he was helping the other workers to sort the newly harvested okra from his farm. That’s how hands-on he is in his farming business.

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