Farming the marshlands in Thailand!

Embankments are made for planting various vegetables.

VISITING FARMS in other countries often rewards us with practical ideas that could be copied or duplicated where it is appropriate in the Philippines.

IN CHIANG MAI – In one place in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Ric Reyes of East-West Seed brought us in February 2013, we witnessed how a marshland was converted into productive embankments planted to high value crops like cucumber, tomato, eggplant, papaya and many other crops.

EMBANKMENTS – The marshland was dug up with heavy equipment and the excavated material made to form embankments. Canals that are big enough for navigation by small boats or bancas were constructed. It is here where the water for irrigating the crops is sourced. A small boat equipped with irrigation pump moves around to water the planting beds on both sides of the canal.

BANCA IS USEFUL – The  farmer uses the banca to haul the harvest to the packing area in his  home prior to delivery to the market. The boat is also used to deliver the fertilizer and other inputs to the plantation.

FOR RAISING FISH – It is also possible for fish, like catfish, to be cultured in the canal. Catfish is  a popular species in Thailand.

A small banca is handy for hauling harvests and inputs.
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