Father And Son Visit Sarian Farm

Father And Son Visit Sarian Farm
MANUEL LAGROSA and son Jose Mari posing with Indian Malunggay at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. The Indian Malunggay produces long fruits.

MANUEL LAGROSA and his son Jose Mari recently visited Sarian Farm to observe the exotic fruits in the farm and to buy some planting materials.

Manuel used to be employed in the Quality Control department of a giant food company but has resigned his corporate job to concentrate in managing a citrus farm in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya.

Several years back, he bought a grafted Golden Queen mango from Teresa and planted ย it in his residence in Cavite. The tree is now the envy of his neighbors because it produces such big fruits that are nice to eat as green as well as ripe fruit.

He bought 10 more grafted Golden Queen for planting as well as other exotic fruit trees like Sweet Kamias, mangosteen, latexless jackfruit, Super Avocado, mini makopa, Star Ruby makopa, Vietnam pummelo, Abiu and others.

He produces Satsuma orange on 3.5 hectares in Nueva Vizcaya. The 8-year-old trees produce 75 to 100 kilos per tree which fetch P18 to P20 per kilo ex-farm. He has bought Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight Tandem, the fertilizer formulations of Alfonso G. Puyat, for applying to his fruit trees. Power Grower Combo accelerates the uptake of plant food in the soil so it grows fast, develops long roots and makes the plant resistant to drought. The Heavy Weight Tandem, on the other hand, makes the fruits bigger, more uniform and sweeter in the case of citrus and other fruits with subacid taste.

Father And Son Visit Sarian Farm
JOSE MARI LAGROSA and Sweet Kamias at Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.
Father And Son Visit Sarian Farm
MANUEL LAGROSA and BR25 cacao at Sarian Farm.
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