FEB 2016 AGRICULTURE MAGAZINE: Future Island Of Honey & Milk

FEB 2016 AGRICULTURE MAGAZINE: Future Island Of Honey & Milk
Mangosteen on the cover of February 2016 Agriculture Magazine.

IN THE February 2016 issue of Agriculture Magazine, you will read about an island that is poised to become the new island of honey and milk.

Then you will read about the private initiative of a fruit expert who is conducting a close study of the exotic fruit market in the Asean Economic Community (AEC). He is targeting the export of exotic fruits from the Philippines like durian, pummelo, Longkong lanzones and mangosteen. The strategy is to find out the availability of the said exotic fruits from the different sources in the ASEAN. Then local fruit farmers will time the availability of supply from the Philippines when no one else is supplying.

Through cultural management, adequate fertilization, use of drip irrigation and some other techniques, the trees from the Philippines can be induced to bear fruit at the desired time.

You will also read about the success of Alaminos Goat Farm in developing a management system whereby crossbreds of Anglo-Saanen and triple crosses with Oberhasli and Alpine can yield much more milk than the imported purebreds. That’s because the crossbreds have the hybrid vigor and they are also more adapted to the tropical climate in the Philippines.

So many other informative and inspiring stories are in the February 2016 issue of Agriculture Magazine, the most widely circulated monthly agriculture publication in the Philippines. Copies of the magazine are available in leading bookstores and the outlets of Manila Bulletin nationwide. It can also be had by subscription.

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