FEDGROZYME: A New Product That Takes Away The Odor In Your Pet’s Poop

Emma Gonzales showing a 250-gram pack of Fedgrozyme. For small pets, you only need to put one to two pinches (0.5 gram to 1 gram) on top of the pet food per meal. The 250 gram pack retails at P350.
Dr. Ronaldo Sumaoang is the microbiologist who developed Fedgrozyme. He studied fermentation technology in Germany

A new formulation of enzymes and beneficial microbes can effectively eliminate the undesirable odor of pet dog’s poop and urine. Called Fedgrozyme, it is a new product released to the market by Novatech, a company that produces organic fertilizers (both granules, pelleted and liquid) and other probiotic formulations for use in livestock and poultry production and in aquaculture.

Dr. Ronaldo Sumaoang, a microbiologist who heads Novatech, explains that the pet’s gut is not that efficient in digesting the feed that it eats, usually resulting in poop with many undigested feed materials. The strong odor from the pet’s poop is usually caused by decomposing bacteria that feed on the undigested proteins, fats, oils and other feed components.

“By introducing Fedgrozme to your pet’s favorite feed, you are introducing high-performing enzymes and beneficial microbes that help your pets break down and absorb most of these proteins, fats, oils and other materials, resulting in drier and odorless poop and urine,” Dr. Sumaoang said.

Fedgrozyme is a free-flowing stabilized source of highly potent digestive enzymes of microbial origin for pets, including cats. Aside from eliminating the irritating smell, the product also improves the overall health of the animals. That’s because the dogs and cats can more efficiently absorb the nutrients in the feed.

Carlo Sumaoang, marketing manager, showing a 1-kg pack of Fedgrozyme.

Dr. Sumaoang said that Fedgrozyme is very economical to use. For small pets, place only one to two pinches (0.5 gram to 1 gram) on top of the pet food every meal. For big pets, the dose is 2 to 4 pinches (1 gram to2 grams) on top of the pet food every meal.

A one-kilo pack retails for P800 while a 250-gram pack costs P350. A small container of 120 grams retails at P250. You can contact Dr. Rene Sumaoang at 0917-848-3658 for more information.


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