FERMENTED OREGANO JUICE: For treating sick chickens and livestock!

Fermented oregano juice can be used to treat sick chicken and other  farm animals.

Dr. Estela Taño is one of the local scientists we admire because of her practical, doable ideas that can help ordinary farmers. She is a  senior researcher at the Tiaong Experiment Station of the Department of Agriculture in Tiaong, Quezon.

One of her ideas is fermenting oregano juice for enhancing the health of  livestock and poultry.

The fermented juice is very easy to make. Harvest healthy oregano leaves. Chop them into small pieces. After that, add one kilo of molasses or muscovado sugar for every three kilos of leaves. Put the mixture in an earthen jar or plastic container and seal tightly. Put this in a cool dry place. After two weeks, harvest the liquid and use it for treating sick animals.

A cattle with fever might be drenched through the mouth with half a liter of the fermented juice. Chickens suffering from colds can be treated by means of applying the juice with a dropper through the mouth. As a preventive measure, the fermented juice may be added to the drinking water of chickens.

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