GIFTS FROM HEAVEN: Organic fertilizer and organic pesticide


We were quite amazed to learn that two little known organic products in the Philippines, a fertilizer and a pesticide, have gained foothold in far away Nigeria. In the past years, Vic Cabral, the formulator, said he had sent thousands of one-liter bottles of the two products in that African state.

In April in 2019, the importers went to Cebu to personally make a bulk order for Natureโ€™s Bio Organic Fertilizer and Bionim Organic Pesticide developed by Cabralโ€™s company, Natures Bio Organic, Inc. A head of a religious organization based in Cebu, Cabral said that the two products are Gifts from Heaven.

Cabral said that in the past couple of years, he has shipped to the Nigerian importer no less than 10,000 liters of the two products. The feed back is that the two products have performed very well in increasing yields of peanut and wheat, two major crops in that country.

Cabral explained that Natures Bio Organic Fertilizer is a combination of beneficial microorganisms, tuna fish extract, seaweed extract, vermi tea and molasses. On the other hand, Bionim Organic Pesticide is a combination of beneficial microbes, seaweed extract, neem leaves, kakawate, chilli, onion and garlic.

The Bio Organic Fertilizer works well in practically all crops, even bonsai. Newly gathered bonsai materials respond well to the application of the product, according to Cabral.ย 

The recommended dosage is 10 ml or one tablespoon per liter of water. Application is best done in the late afternoon. It is also useful for seed germination. Bigger seeds like those of corn and squash may be soaked in a solution of the organic fertilizer overnight before planting.

Cabral said that the two products could be combined and sprayed on crops together. Best time to spray is late in the afternoon.

The two products are being sold nationwide by Harbest Agribusiness and Pacifica Agrivet.


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