FIRST ANNIVERSARY OFFER: Valuable Prizes Await Visitors
ANTHONY A. CORTES, president of Corvill Agricom, is donating P10,000-worth of Supravim plant booster as prize for one winning entry in the First Anniversary promo of He is shown here with a liter of Supravim.

Our blog,, is now observing its first anniversary at WordPress, our new domain. So many people from all over the world have followed us. In fact on March 24, 2015, we got 3,499 hits on that single day.

We are really very thankful for the interest our visitors have shown. That is why we would like to find out if our posts have been useful at all. Tell us in less than a thousand words what ideas, technologies or inspiration you have picked up from visiting our blog. Have you adopted any in your own farm? If you are just planning to get into some kind of farming as a hobby or as a commercial venture, tell us about what you have done so far.

This is just the initial announcement. We will tell you more details later.This will keep you thinking about the benefit you have received from visiting

At least 5 entries will receive valuable prizes. For a start, Sarian Farm will give P10,000 worth of planting materials of exotic fruit trees to one of the selected entries. Our friend Anthony Cortes, upon hearing of our plan immediately offered to provide P10,000 worth of Supravim to another selected entry. Supravim is a special fertilizer which is like no other fertilizer. It is a product of nano/colloidal technology. The particles are so minute, they are readily absorbed to boost plant growth.

In the meantime, arrangements are being done with our supporters for additional prizes. Keep on visiting. Start composing your entry.

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0 thoughts on “FIRST ANNIVERSARY OFFER: Valuable Prizes Await Visitors

  1. I am Violeta torralba who always visits you BLOG I learn about farming of exsotic fruits and already have buy some in Teresa orchard of macopa 2 varity and power grow pertilizer , I have already planted guyabano from seeds and jacfruits most of my fruits tree has come from Teresa orchard dragon fruits and ABIO WHO IS CONTINUISLY BEARING FRIUTS FOR ALMOST 4 YEARS NOW I LEARN ALSO ABOUT THE MAGAZINE OF AGRICULTURE AND ALREADY BUY ALMOST 12 ISUES I AM PLANING TO HAVE A SMAL FARM SO PLAN TO PLANT also banana which is from hundura I inquire already about that hundura banana and have contacted but not yet ordered ,, I have buy also 5 deferent kind of mango and trying to collect more in the future ,, perhaps my half hectar land is alredy full of fruits tree so I have another 10 hectare land that I buy just this year in February and in the moment is in the process to transfer to my name the title of the saidland in Mrinduque Province thangks to your impormative Blog Mr. zac sarrian truly yours Violeta

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