First Asian Irrigation Forum, April 11-13

THE FIRST ASIAN IRRIGATION FORUM will be held on April 11 to 13 at the headquarters of the Asian Development Bank in Mandaluyong City.
The Forum aims to identify ways to address the competing challenges in irrigation and determine alternative investment options. It will bring together leading representatives of farmers, organizations that drive the agricultural supply chain, irrigation professionals from public and private sectors, academia, researchers, civil society and other multilateral development banks.
During the three days, forum participants will assess the directions that evolve as farmers seek to provide food, fiber and biofuels required to sustain the economies and the growing population of Asia Pacific.
On the first day, Dr. Prabhu Pingali of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will talk on Asian Agriculture in the Context of Global Food Security. This will be followed by Dr. Gao Zhanyi, president of ICID. He will talk on How Irrigation is Responding to the Challenge of Volatility, Vulnerability in Agriculture. Food and Water Supply in Asia will be discussed by Hiroyuki Konuma, deputy secretary general of FAO.
There are many interesting topics of discussions in the three days. For more information, you may contact Olivia Sylvia O. Inciong, External Relations Officer, at (0917)-810-0056 or at

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