FIRST BSU INT’L CONFAB: On Food, Education And Culture, May 15-18, 2017, Baguio City

Benguet State University will host the 1st International Conference on Food, Education and Culture 2017 on May 15-18, 2017 at the Hotel Supreme in Baguio City.

The conference will bring together foreign and local experts to showcase and enhance learning experiences from research outputs in the field of food, environment and culture.

Here are samples of papers to be presented. Dr. Robert C. Kemerait, Jr. of the Department of Plant Pathology of the University of Georgia, USA: “Climate and Crop Disease Management: Need for Cooperation in an Uncertain Time.”

Dr. Tongmin Sa of Chungbok National University, South Korea: “Use of Biofertilizers in Adaptation of Sustainable Agriculture and Modulation of Volatile Organic Compound Emission Under Environmental Stresses.”

Prof Koji Nakamura, Kanasawa U, Japan: “Human Capacity Building for Sustainable Development of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems in the Philippines and Japan.”

Ms Sara Jane Ahmed, Bangladesh: “Climate Financing in the Urban Sector/Cities.”

Dr. Md. Zaved H. Khan, Bangladesh: “Nano for Energy and Environment: Present and Future.”

Ms. Koji K. Carino, Forest People’s England: “Indigenous Peoples’ Diverse Contributions to Food Systems and Agro-Ecology.”

Dr. Michael Tan, UP Diliman: “Utak, Tiyan at Kaugalian: Building a Gastronomy of Good Taste.”

Dr. Marlow U. Aquino: :Changing Food Culture: Lifestyle Discourses in the Preparation, Development and Management.”

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