Five-Finger Okra, Anyone?

Weng Bienes, ย ABC administrative
officer, poses with Five-Finger okra.

One okra selection that could become a favorite of farmers is what they call Five-Finger variety. This caught our attention when we visited the Allied Botanical experimental farm in Tayug, Pangasinan, last February 21, 2013.

They call it Five-Finger because its leaves are deeply divided into five segments. It is very prolific and the fruits are prominently visible. This is one big advantage, especially for harvesters. The fruits are very easy to locate and harvest.

The Five-Finger variety was planted beside a variety with broad leaves for contrast. The fruits of the variety with broad leaves are hidden under the leaves so that harvesters will have a hard time locating the harvestable fruits.

Another advantage of Five-Finger is that there is less leaf space to spray in case spraying pesticide is necessary. There is also less room for the insects to hide.

Five-Finger is an open-pollinated selection so that the farmers can plant the seeds that they harvest from their farms. No other commercial seed producer could produce the seeds legally for sale because it is being registered for IPR protection.

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