Among the more than 20 culinary herbs that Ronald Costales is producing in his organic farm in Majayjay, Laguna, the dark green Flat-leaf Parsley is the most expensive – from P500 to P1,000 per kilo.

   This is a favorite of the Italiani chain of restaurants for making sauce, according to Mrs. Josephine Costales. Photo shows an elevated bed with a beautiful crop of Flat Leaf Parsley grown on five inches of growing medium consisting of carbonized rice hull, bokashi and vermicompost. The elevated bed has a flooring of bamboo with a layer of net to hold the growing medium in place. The bed also has a net roofing to minimize the impact of falling rain. The layer of net at the bottom of the bed.allows proper drainage. 

  The seedlings are ready for planting after three weeks in the seedbed. Sixty days later, the first harvest of the leaves can be done. The plants are not uprooted. Three leaves are left in each plant so that it will regrow.  One month later, the leaves may be harvested again.

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