FLOATING FEEDS: Best For Bangus And Tilapia Cultured In Floating Cages

TILAPIA FEEDING TIME IN TAAL LAKE. Floating feeds are more advantageous to use than slow-sinking and sinking feeds.

Dr. Rafael D. Guerrero III reports in his column in the October 2018 issue of Agriculture Magazine that floating feed is best for bangus and tilapia culture in Taal Lake.

Researchers Frederick Muyot and co-authors found that floating feeds are more efficient than slow-sinking and sinking feed in terms of growth, biomass harvest and feed conversion ratio. Floating feeds lessened feed use by 20-30% and reduced feed cost by 18-29%. The fish fed with floating feeds also had better size distribution at harvest with 84% of the fish attaining target market size. Moreover, there is more wastage with sinking feeds that contributes to pollution of the lake.

Tilapia grows faster with floating feeds.
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