FOLLOW UP: On The Lawyer Who Billed Us P3-Million For The Transfer Of 5 Lot Titles To Our Name

Remember the lawyer who billed us P3-million for the transfer of 5 lot titles to our name? So many of you have reacted to our post denouncing the ridiculous amount he was demanding for his service. Well, he followed up on the collection of what he calls our “overdue account.”

Below is our communication to him. Please give us your comment if what I replied to him is reasonable. Send your email to: We will appreciate yourย honest opinion or suggestion. Here’s what I sent to him:

Dear Attorney, Good Morning.

This is Zac Sarian. I am a very reasonable person and I know what is reasonable and what is not.

Your billing me P3 million for the transfer of five lot titles is ridiculously unreasonable.

You mean to say I will pay P600,000 for one lot title? Is this reasonable?

Your arbitrary assessment of the value of the five lots at P25 million is grossly exaggerated. You mean to say each square meter is P21,758.05?

I posted your billing in the social media (without mentioning your name) and the emails I received vehemently denounced your unreasonable fee. In fact, when I mentioned it to Dr. Romulo Davide, the brother of ex-Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr., he burst into expletives.

One real estate broker from Cebu informed me that he charges only P10,000 per title transferred no matter how big the area.

At any rate, I believe honestly that a P25,000 per title is most reasonable for the service you rendered.

During the Lenten season, I prayed to the Lord that He bless you and enlighten you. I fervently hope He did.

By the way, I plan to post this in the social media if only to see who is fair and who is not.

God bless you.

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0 thoughts on “FOLLOW UP: On The Lawyer Who Billed Us P3-Million For The Transfer Of 5 Lot Titles To Our Name

  1. The lawyer must be an aspiring politician. Did he give you a rough estimate on the cost of transfer before you appointed him to transfer the titles? I think the P 25Tper title is a bit high.

    Len Faustino

  2. Ka Zac. Baka akala ng abogado mo ay broker siya sa “pagbenta” ng lupa. Porcento ang singil niya. Baka po tulog siya nong sinabi sa yo. Normal lg por title ang singil. Hindi porcento ng value.
    Wala po ba kayong usapan sa fee niya?

  3. Dear Zac,

    Being a lawyer, when I first saw your original post, I hesitated to comment in deference to professional courtesy to a fellow officer of the court. But having been a friend of long ago, I would advise that you proceed on this in a most logical manner. If you engaged the services of the lawyer, did you have a written contract of legal services? What are the contents of that contract? If you did not have a written contract, it is difficult to prove a verbal one except thru credible witnesses. It may also be important to verify the actual zonal valuation and appraised market value of the property at the time you secured the services of the lawyer which I presume was years ago. Kindly email to me the above information as it might help you in proceeding with this matter.

    AANI yours,


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    1. Thanks, Rainier:
      Here are the circumstances. I met this lawyer because he was the lawyer of a lot owner with whom I exchanged lots. He worked on the exchange of lots. His client who was a neighbor was short of cash so I paid for all the taxes and expenses required in the process.
      Having dealt with him and the fee was reasonable and not based on the percentage of the valuation, I trusted him to take care of the transfer of title to the lots in the name of my late wife and myself.
      It took him a long time to do the transferring although there should be no reason because I was ready to provide all the expenses. In fact, I did give him the payment for publication and taxes.
      All of a sudden, when he was through with the transfer of the five titles, he gave me the incredible bill. The valuation is low in Taytay. The zonal valuation should not be more than P2,000 per square meter. But I will have to check this.
      The response to my blog has been terrific.
      Rainier, I really appreciate your concern. I will update you on developments. Thanks, Zac.

  4. Hello Zac , just a clarification , when processing a Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) from former owner to the new owner , the expenses ,or the service fee has nothing to do with the zonal valuation . its purely legwork . A 100 million worth of property and a 1 million worth of property has the same amount of man hour required .
    I understand that the 3.0M billed legal fee excludes the taxes you paid for the BIR , City Treasurers ofc and Register of Deeds. The 3.0M is purely for payment for service , legwork to transfer the TCT? Its too much , i can even double my rate to 20,000 per Title considering the traffic ,still the cost is only 100,000. Actually the more titles the better for us real estate brokers , we save on the processing time and earn more on the volume , can be processed at the same time.
    Another thing , before we render the actual service of transferring the TCT , we require the 50% of the real estate service fee ,and the remaining 50% upon presentation of the new TCT and new tax declaration under the name of new owner , ( PLS DONT FORGET THE TAX DECLARATION TO BE TRANSFERRED ALSO before you pay , BECAUSE THE SAME DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY Register of Deeds ,duly marked received and processed in their ofc ,WILL BE REQUIRED by the ASSESSORS Ofc. oftentimes those docs are misplaced or left behind if not familiar with the system , it will give you another problem and cost to produce CERTIFIED COPIES , as an example , always keep the original copy of the Transfer Tax RECEIPT issued by the Treasurer ofc, or have it copied and certified for extra copy incase you lost it while processing , because assessors ofc will require the original copy or certified xerox copy ) ,
    in this way it would be very clear on both parties at the very start , the total amount involved in the processing , and the real estate broker will exert all his effort and means in order to finish the transfer at a very short number of days , to get the remaining 50% SERVICE FEE.
    Kindly ask for details why it will cost you 3.0M?

    God Bless!

    Rolly Danlag

    1. Thanks a lot for your concern. The lawyer is really trying to “extort” for want of a better term. I had my daughter check the certified market value of one lot is just 600,000. Imagine, that’s the amount this lawyer wants me to pay for transferring the title. I have paid for all the taxes required because whenever there is an expense, he always asked me to give it to him. Anyway, so many people have come to my defense. A long time lawyer friend has offered his services pro bono. One guy suggested that we elevate it to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. I hope anyway, that everything will come out all right. I plan to publish even the harsh comments from people I don’t even know. Thanks again for your effort in writing your comment.

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