FOR GOOD REASONS: Keep Your Durian Trees Low-Growing

This is a durian tree that has been kept low-growing by cutting the primary trunk  12 feet above the ground. Note the profuse flowering of the low-growing branches. The fruits will be easy to protect from pests and diseases. Harvesting will also be easy and less costly.

In producing durian for the commercial market, it is best to keep the trees low-growing for a number of good reasons. Durian trees can be kept low-growing by pruning. Cut down the primary trunk to about 12 feet above the ground when it is about five  to six years old. If the primary trunk is not allowed to shoot upwards, branches all around will develop sidewards. 

If the tree is allowed to grow tall and it is growing beside other trees, the lower branches will die, and the fruits will develop up high. Protecting the fruits from pests and diseases will then be more difficult than when the fruits are borne on low branches that grow sidewards.

Harvesting the fruits at the right maturity would be easier in trees that are low-growing. This is very important, especially if the fruits are intended for the export market that requires certain standards of maturity.

Harvesting would be much easier in low-growing trees so harvesting will be less costly. The fruits would also be of better quality because they were better protected from pests and diseases. Moreover, they would be harvested at the right time. Fruits that are harvested too early will have poor eating quality. On the other hand, when the fruits are overripe, they would have a very short shelf life.

So keep your durian trees low-growing!

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2 thoughts on “FOR GOOD REASONS: Keep Your Durian Trees Low-Growing

  1. can we still cut the main trunk of durian even if it is already taller. where can we buy fertilizer for our durian tree. i bear flower last april but eventualy all the flowers wilted and die/fell down from the tree.

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