With FPRDI’s Lumber Dryer, Bohol Furniture Maker Grosses P1-Million Monthly

Doors by Total Woodkraft of Bohol.
Cabinet by Total Woodkraft.

A Bohol furniture maker is now grossing P1-million a month, thanks to a Furnace-Type Lumber Dryer (FTLD) that he adopted in 2004 through the assistance of the Bohol Provincial Science and Technology Center and the DOST-Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP). The dryer was developed by the Forest Products Research Institute, an agency of DOST.

The dryer has tremendously improved the quality of the furniture produced and,hence, profitability. Before the adoption of the FTLD, Total Woodkraft operated by Anthony Lacaran depended on sun drying and air drying. This often resulted in improper drying. Too much moisture in the wood resulted in warping and cracking. Thus there were returns of furniture and other products sold. And for every item returned, the company usually lost P5,000.

With sun drying and air drying, drying time for a two-inch Gmelina wood usually took 2 to 3 months. With the FTLD, the optimum moisture content is achieved in only 28 days. Wood trimmings are usually used as fuel for heating so it is economical. No electricity is needed.

Table by Total Woodkraft.

Total Woodkraft’s products include doors, tables, cabinets, bar counters and others. Many of the compny’s customers are the resorts and hotels in Bohol. Those interested in FTLD may contact (049)536-2586 or 536-2377 or email at: fprdi@dost.gov.ph. (Excerpted from Press Release)

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