FR. ANGEL MAGADA JR: A Farmer At Heart

FR. ANGEL MAGADA JR: A Farmer At Heart
FR. ANGEL MAGADA JR: A Farmer At Heart
Photo shows Fr. Angel Magada Jr (right) and Jovy Palacpac posing with a fruitful longkong lanzones. Note the bagged fruits to protect them from bats.

Fr. Magada Jr. of Christ The King Seminary is a farmer at heart. He loves to plant exotic fruit trees. Although he is based in Quezon City, he has been sending planting materials to his native Romblon where he has a farm, He has planted exotic fruit trees that include imported mangoes such as Golden Quieen, Peach mango (R2E2) and other superior varieties ย that ย he bought from the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal, several years ago. The trees are now fruiting very well.

On Sept. 6, he revisited Teresa to buy new planting materials such as the pink guava from Vietnam, the new latexless jackfruit from Thailand, sweet kamias, Super Avocado and others. He will be sending the planting materials to his farm in Romblon.

He was really fascinated by the fruitful longkong lanzones, the fruitful Cariรฑosa papaya, the Japanese saluyot with big leaves and the fruitful Vietnam pummelos when he went around the farm.

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