The cuttings can be easily rooted.
This is just a small portion.

WE ARE really appalled by the high prices of even the very ordinary ornamental plants being offered in the social media. I am sure many will regret someday that they paid the usual “matricula” incurred by neophytes in collecting plants for their  personal enjoyment or for business.

FREE CUTTINGS – Now, we are offering free propagation materials, cuttings of the Ficus nana that we cut in a private house to prune the overgrown hedge in front of the residence. Ficus nana is very easy to propagate by rooting the cuttings. The cuttings can be grown for topiary, bonsai, potted decor, and cuttings that you will produce later could be used in vases instead of flowers.

NOT IN OUR FARM -The cuttings are not in our farm in Teresa, Rizal so don’t go there. All we have there are fruit trees and just a few ornamentals.

EMAIL US – If you are interested in the free cuttings, give us a private message and we will tell you how you can get the free cuttings. Email us at: Very important, send your full name and cellphone number to 0995-584-9155 so we can tell you how to come over to our place to pick up your cuttings. Don’t delay because many are coming to pick up theirs.

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