Freeze Your Caimito

Caimito is starting to be available in the market. At the roadsides at the boundary of Antipolo and Teresa, Rizal, the green and purple varieties are being sold now. Speaking of caimito, our friend Maripaz  Godinez of Green Meadows in Quezon City swears that freezing caimito is great. She particularly loves to freeze the purple variety.
In serving the frozen caimito fruit, she slices it in half and the flesh is scooped with a spoon. Maripaz will tell you that it is better to eat than ice cream. After all, fruit is very good for the health.
Why not try freezing caimito? This could also prolong the availability of the fruit to consumers. You can try freezing both the green and purple varieties. Of course, make sure to freeze the fruits without any defects.

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