French Firm Launches Animal Nutrition Products In PH

Wisium is introducing in the Philippines its technologies and innovations in swine, broiler, chicken layer, pet care and aquaculture.

A French company that specializes in animal feed premixes and additives is launching its presence in the Philippine market with a press conference on Thursday, Februaty 22, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

This is the Wisium Global Premix and Firm Services which, for more than 60 years, has been delivering feeding care products and services to address natural performance enhancement and alternatives to antibiotics as growth promotants and preventive medication (prophylaxis), addressing sustainability, food safety and wellness.

Daniel Olivo, marketing director of Wisium Philippines, explained that the premix business has become a booming business, noting that there has been huge demand in certain areas like Asia which is one of the company’s top priority for development. He added that even in more mature markets, the potential remains very high since these markets face constant challenges such as antibiotic reduction, and more generally alternative to medicines and also animal welfare issues.

Wisium recognizes that in the Philippines there is a high demand for animal protein, offering an excellent opportunity for the company to add to the country’s supply chain and manufacturing capacity.

The egg producers will benefit from the technologies of Wisium.

The broiler industry will get a big boost from the products and services offered by Wisium in the Philippines.

“Wisium wants to help meet the new challenges to feed producers, livestock farmers, and consumers as people’s requirements for healthy food and sustainable businesses consistently grow,” said Olivo.

Giving stronger dimensions to its presence in the country, Wisium views its technologies and innovations in swine, broiler, chicken layer, pet care and aquaculture as a match for the needs of the Philippine market for efficiency.

“Wisium’s dynamic with 10 industrial customers before our official launch, illustrates our interest for continuous innovation and new partnerships, as well as our confidence in the impressive growth of the Philippine economy,” Olivo said.

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