FROM BANGKOK: Rice Milk Drink For Good Health

One new product derived from rice is Diamond Fresh Rice Milk Drink which was showcased at the Sima-Asean Agribusiness trade show in Bangkok, Thailand on June 6-8, 2018.

No, the product is not a concoction of rice and milk from dairy cows that you may be thinking about. It is an extract from young rice grainS in their milky stage which is 7 to 12 days after pollination. The product is claimed to contain bioactive substances such as antioxidants, non-starch polysaccharides, plantย  sterol, oryzanol, enzymes and vitamins.


Boom Nonniphat with bottles of Diamond Fresh Rice Milk Drink.



Filipino atteendees of the Sima-Asean Agribusiness trade show sample the Rice Milk Drink.

The Rice Milk Drink is considered an organic product which contains low sugar, low fat, low glycemic index. It has a pleasant taste and is easy to digest.

Rice Milk Drink comes in plastic bottles with variants. Berry Rice Milk Drink is derived from colored rice. Another comes from Jasmine rice.ย  One bottle costs 40 baht or the equivalent of about P65. Thereโ€™s an 8-pack handy carton which is perfect for gift giving.


Boom Nonniphat with a gift pack of Rice Milk Drink.

Diamond Fresh was supported by the Agricultural Research Development Agency (ARDA), and the Institute of Agricultural Product Innovation.

It is certified organic by ACT, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), and EU Equivalent.


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