FROM KNOWN-YOU SEED: Great Varieties, Great Ideas

JANUARY 2019_agricov

On the cover is Aubry V. Ancheta, posing with wide smile with prolific mini tomatoes.

Watch for the January 2019 issue of Agriculture Magazine and read about the Great Varieties and Great Ideas from Known-You Seed which celebrated its 50th anniversary on December 7 at the Grand Hi Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

The report consists of 14 pages, featuring the fantastic varieties and the great plant breeders who have produced award-winning hybrids, seven of them winners of the All America Selection awards.


Mr. Kung, the watermelon breeder who has been working with Known-You for more than 20 years has produced the AAS awardee in 2018. The winning hybrid has no official name yet, only codename LF6720. The fruit is 5-6 kg each with red flesh, crispy, very juicy and sweet.

The new watermelon is a vigorous plant, has high percentage of fruit set.Unfortunately, seeds are not released in the market. It will take two years before seeds can be offered for sale. That is the rule of All America Selections. Another AAS winner by Mr. Kung is Sweet Beauty, that has red flesh and weighing 3 kilos per fruit. It can be harvested 55 t0 65 days from sowing.
Well, better buy your copy as soon as the issue is off the press very soon. Agriculture Magazine is the most widely distributed agriculture magazine in the Philippines..

By the way, on the cover is Aubry V. Ancheta of Known-You Philippines.
Mr. Kung and his AAS award-winning watermelon for 2018.

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