FROM TAIWAN: 3 Pretty Pink Eggplants

FROM TAIWAN: 3 Pretty Pink Eggplants
This one has prominent stripes.

AS WE were going over pictures of more than 20 strains of eggplant, three pictures particularly caught our attention. These are pictures of pretty pink varieties with different degrees of striping from Known-You Seed of Taiwan.

FROM TAIWAN: 3 Pretty Pink Eggplants
This Bride variety has much less stripe.

We were just thinking that aside from very nice for eating, these could be excellent materials for use in floral and fruit arrangements for various occasions. What do you think?

FROM TAIWAN: 3 Pretty Pink Eggplants
This one has virtually no stripe.
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2 thoughts on “FROM TAIWAN: 3 Pretty Pink Eggplants

  1. Salamat for posting this. As it adds to the ideas list of small farmers thinking about diversifying. Taon no is simply “wala” when it comes to cooking considering the artistic presentation as well as the nutritional value.

  2. Salamat 4 posting this. As taon is often used in cooking Sampolak(tamarind) sinagong as well as a tasty dish of Chinese origin which includes ground pork, tofu mantica y sili (of course, the eggplant Us/abergine UK- spelling proof reading required) w/ bawan, (i use olive oil/aceite hecho de alcetunas (olives) en lugar de algo hecho de … cobra – (usually only the first press as quality is more importante than la quantity & it adds the flavor w/o too much liquid as it cooks…d

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