FROM YARA: Super fertilizers for rice!

Yara’s super nutrition solutions for rice produce high yields.

YARA is the biggest fertilizer company in the world. The company is not only big, its products are also way above the rest of their ordinary counterparts. Tony Magno, a landowner from Pangasinan, was so impressed with the performance of the Yara products that he requested us to spread the good news with our regular blog viewers. He reported that he got more than 200 cavans per hectare where he got only a little over a hundred cavans before he used the Yara products.

FOR RICE – What are Yara’s nutrition solutions for rice?` One is the Yara Vera Viking Ship Zn. This is urea with procote zinc technology. This formulation has only a small amount of zinc but when used to fertilize rice, the increase in yield is very significant. In a two-year experiment at the Central Luzon State University (CLSU), the formulation increased yield by 22 percent. On the other hand a PhilRice report reveals that if the zinc-deficiency in lowland rice is addressed, the potential yield increases up to 1 ton per hectare. That’s equivalent to 20 cavans of palay.

THREE GROUPS – There are three other groups of Yara power brands. 

YARAMILA –  One is YaraMila which offers big advantages over the traditional fertilizers used by local farmers. How? The nitrogen in ordinary fertilizers is in the form of ammonium. The ammonium has to be transformed into nitrate form before it is absorbed by the plants. In the process of transformation into initrate, as much as 50 percent of the nutrients are lost. Also, because the ordinary fertilizer is in ammonium form, it makes the soil acidic which is bad for the plants and the soil.

NITROGEN IN FORM OF NITRATE – On the other hand, the nitrogen in YaraMila is in the form of nitrate so that it is readily absorbed by the plants and does not make the soil acidic.

Furthermore, most other complete fertilizers in the market contain only Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK). 

On the other hand, YaraMila’s formulations are complete with the macro elements plus the necessary micronutrients. Micronutrients are in very small amounts but they pack a lot of power.

AKTIBO – YaraMila Aktibo is one of the YaraMila formulations. This is a 21-6-12 grade with added micronutrients – sulfur, magnesium and boron. It promotes faster growth, strong and unblemished stems, excellent vigor, and good grain filling. It is best recommended for rice grown in irrigated farms. It is also good for corn.

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