VARIABLE FRUITS: Observe, Select And Propagate! Could Make You Richer

The RedOrange jackfruit, a new selection at the Sarian Farm.

The late Dr. Benito S. Vergara, national scientist, had observed that farmers in Thailand love to experiment and make selections for better varieties, hence the constant appearance of new or improved varieties in the market.

Variability also occurs in the Philippines but farmers are not taught or encouraged to select and propagate outstanding plants in their farms, he observed.

Thai farmers take pride in being able to say “this is my selection”. As a result, many plant growers in Thailand have earned large income from their selections and breeding work. They sell their propagations at a high price.

One notable variety that is the result of close observation, selection and propagation by the grower is the Duyaya durian. This is a selection with large creamy pulp by our friend, the late Severino Belviz of Davao City.

The Duyaya durian, a prize-winning selection by the late Severino Belviz.

We are also closely observing variants in our own fruit trees. One that we are truly proud of is the RedOrange jackfruit that produces deep orange arils that are plump, sweet and juicy. 

By the way, Seedling No.2 of the five original seedlings from our red jackfruit from Thailand is now with seven fruits that are about one month old.  We notice that the fruits are oblong so we are eagerly anticipating their ripening so we can find out how the quality of their fruits will come out. Abangan!

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7 thoughts on “VARIABLE FRUITS: Observe, Select And Propagate! Could Make You Richer

    1. Seedlings of RedOrange jackfruit will be available at the Sarian Farm in late June 2020. Plants have to be picked up at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

  1. I am interested to buy seedlings of RedOranges Jackfruit. Please informed me if it is available for pick up.

  2. Good evening Sir/ Madam,
    Due to covid 19 pandemic status it is hard to travel from Pampanga to Rizal. Are the RedOrange Jackfruit and Avocado seeds wiith the delivery available thru online selling. Or thru bank to bank transfer payment if not available on online selling.

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