Fruiting Abiu in a Container

A young Abiu planted in a container has full-sized fruit.

THE beauty about Abiu, an exotic fruit from Brazil, is that it will bear full-sized fruit even when it is grown in a container as in photo.
Seedling trees (not grafted) will usually start bearing fruit in four years. The plant could be kept low by cutting the top. By doing so, more branches that will bear fruit will develop.
Fruiting is not only once a year. After the fruits have ripened, a new set of flowers will emerge not long after.
The Abiu is luscious. It tastes somewhat like the common Caimito, but not quite the same.
Seedlings that are more than one foot tall are available in big numbers at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. The place is very easy to find. It is along the road, Km 36.6, about 30 meters before the Teresa-Morong boundary. Teresa is the town next to Antipolo City.

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