FRUITING HOT CHILIES: Bestsellers At Sisig Fiesta In Angeles City

FRUITING HOT CHILIES: Bestsellers At Sisig Fiesta In Angeles City

Ready-to-harvest Red Hot chilies were a big hit at the Sisig Fiesta held on April 27, 2019 at the Crossing area in Angeles City, the birthplace of the original Kapampangan pork dish Sisig. The chilies in containers were displayed by Farm Ready, a subsidiary of East-West Seed devoted to the production of seedlings as well as vegetables of varying stages of growth or maturity.

Ric Reyes and his angels at the Sisig Fiesta in Angeles City.

According to Ric M. Reyes, East-West Seed consultant for Marketing and Strategy, chefs, cooks and restaurant owners were delighted to see and buy, particularly the fruiting hot peppers in container. Now, they can harvest fresh chili peppers from their plants in their establishments or homes. A pot or two of fruiting hot peppers can supply the daily needs of the restaurants or eateries, Reyes said.

Reyes remembers that there was a time when the supply of hot peppers was low so that a kilo sold for as much as P2,000. During that time, dine-in customers were charged extra P5 for every piece of hot pepper ordered.

Sisig Fiesta 2019 featured Sisig buffet from participating restaurants in Angeles City. The event featured a variety of Sisig preparations. There was a giant plate for Sisig cooking where everyone present was able to partake of Sisig Kapampangan’s best culinary recipe.

Below is the giant plate for cooking Sisig at the Sisig Fiesta.



Reyes recalls that in the early days, Sisig was introduced as “pulutan” in drinking places at the old Train Station or Crossing in Angeles City where Aling Lucing’s Original Sisig was most famous. Sisig is made from parts of a pig’s head and liver, seasoned with onion, chili pepper and calamansi. Sisig has gained international popularity, having become famous when Anthony Bordain cited it as his favorite Filipino dish. He described it as simple, flavourful, delicious and goes perfectly with beer.

Interested buyers of Ready-to-Plant, Ready-to-Grow, and Ready-to-Harvest chili peppers can buy them at the Farm Ready Concept Store, Garden Park, SM Clark Pampanga. Ric Reyes can also be contacted at 0917-543-5194.

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