GABBY B. RETUYA: Farmer Hero

GABBY RETUYA in his ampalaya plantation.

GABBY B. RETUYA, 30, is an outstanding ย farmer who plants 12 hectares to different vegetables.He is one of 30 Farmer Heroes who will be honored on December 12, 2012 during the celebration of East-West Seed Company’s 30th anniversary in San Rafael, Bulacan.

This year, 2012, he planted 3 hectares to Galaxy ampalaya which gave him 30 to 35 tons per hectare. He planted another 3 hectares to Django finger pepper which gave him 24 tons per hectare. On 4 hectares, he planted Mayumi and Dalisay upo varieties and got 40 tons per hectare.On 2 hectares that he planted to stringbeans of the Bonga and Pantastiko varieties, he got 20 tons per hectare.

Gabby is a college graduate who opted to become a full time farmer. He started growing vegetables in 2004 when he was just 22 years old. He grew rich from vegetable farming and is now helping other farmers by providing them with financing.ย 

Aside from growing his own crops, he also engages in buying and selling vegetables, fertilizers and crop protection chemicals.

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