GARDENING TIP: Hit the jackpot with a spotless ornamental!

A businessman paid P40,000 for this variegated Tupidanthus during a garden show in 2018. It won First Prize in its category in the competition.

YES, GROW a spotless ornamental that will fetch a high price. That’s the gardening tip you should always remember if you want to hit the jackpot. The variegated Tupidanthus featured here is one good example. During a garden show three years ago, a business tycoon paid a cool P40,000 for it.

COLLECTORS DON’T MIND THE HIGH PRICE – Now you see, there are people who don’t mind paying a fortune for a single plant that they like. I am not mentioning the name of the owner here because I didn’t ask permission to do so. Suffice it to say, the grower is a medical doctor who gave up his medical practice to go into gardening for pleasure and profit.

CRAZY ABOUT VARIEGATED – Many plant collectors are crazy about variegated plants that are rare and at the sme time beautiful. The variegated Tupidanthus garnered first prize in its ategory at the garden show. Which means that prize-winning plants command a high price.

TIP FOR THOSE IN BUSINESS – And this should give an idea for those who are into gardening as a business. The strategy is to produce a big specimen plant of a rare variety and enter it in the competition in garden shows. Prepare a lot of small propagations that you will sell in the garden show at a reasonable price. Display only a few propagations, however, so that the garden show goers will think there are just a few propagations available. That way, they will pay for what’s available before other collectors beat them to the draw.

Well, this is just a simple tip that we have learned through our own experience.

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