GELOINA EROSA: A Tasty, Fleshy And Juicy Clam From Taiwan

The fleshy Geloina clam that is soft and tasty.
Tseng Chieh-Chung discovered the Geloina clam in a tidal pool in 1999 and developed it into a commercial species.

If you are fond of eating clams and you happen to be in Yunlin in Southern Taiwan, better visit the Geloina Pavilion and taste the fleshy, soft and juicy Geloina erosa clam. We visited the place on June 13, 2017 and enjoyed what we tasted and saw.

The Geloina is bigger than most clams in the market. Whatโ€™s more, the flesh is plump, soft and juicy with very nice flavor. Geloina was developed by Tseng Chieh-Chung, a retired government employee who discovered the clam in a tidal pool in 1999.

Tourists coming from a Geloina clam hunting in the pond of the Geloina Pavilion in Yunlin, Taiwan.

Mr, Tseng got so obsessed with the clam that he conducted research not only on how to culture the clam but also in processing its byproducts. He said he also crossed the clam with the ordinary oyster that you and I love to eat. For his personal initiative in developing the Geloina clam, the Taiwan government conferred on him a special award for agriculture.

The clam is now commercially produced in 30 hectares in Yunlin. Mr. Tseng himself produces the clam for sale and processing in his 2-hectare pond from which he harvests 100 tons each year. The Geloina for sale as fresh clam sells for NT$150 per 600 grams. Thatโ€™s equivalent to P270 in Philippine money.

Clam shampoo out of Geloina extract.

Mr. Tseng has also developed several health and beauty products from Geloina extracts and shell. These include a clam shampoo, soap for oily hair, zinc liquid for drinking, a liquid for washing vegetables, souvenir items from shells and others.

Moreover, he has converted his Geloina Pavilion into a tourist destination where visitors can taste the juicy clam and buy its health and beauty products. Visitors can also try hunting the clams with their feet in a pond intended for tourists.

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