Gen. Recaredo Sarmiento’s Fruitful Duku Lanzones

Gen. Recaredo Sarmiento and granddaughter
Reese admiring their fruitful Duku lanzones.

GEN. RECAREDO SARMIENTO’S 8-year-old Duku lanzones tree has been bearing fruit since  2009 in their Ouan’s Worth Farm Resort in Lucena City. He and his 8-year-old granddaughter Reese are shown here admiring the big bunches of luscious fruits.

Unfortunately, Gen. Sarmiento laments, after a short dry spell in the middle of August, heavy rains overtook the unharvested fruits which caused their splitting. Immediately, in the last week of August, 30 kilos of the sweet Duku lanzones fruits were harvested to avoid further damage. Clearly, the fruits cracked because of the excessive rainwater absorption by the roots during the heavy downpour due to the unpredictable weather pattern this year. Blame this on climate change.

Three weeks after the fruits were harvested, plenty of flower spikes (racemes) appeared on the trunk and branches of the same Duku tree which could be ready for harvesting by Christmas or New Year. The lanzones trees in the orchard are being fertilized with Heavy Weight Tandem fertilizer developed by Alfonso G. Puyat. This formulation facilitates the transfer of the processed nutrients in the leaves to the developing fruits so that they become bigger, sweeter and more uniform in size.

Mr. Puyat has another formulation, Power Grower Combo, which hastens dramatically the growth of seedlings. It also makes old trees more robust in preparation for fruit bearing.

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3 thoughts on “Gen. Recaredo Sarmiento’s Fruitful Duku Lanzones

  1. Grafted Duku lanzones, about three feet tall, are available at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. The nursery is very accessible. It is along the road, right side, about 30 meters before the Teresa-Morong boundary. Teresa is next town to Antipolo City.

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