GENVET: Branded Generic Veterinary Products Launched

GENVET: Branded Generic Veterinary Products Launched

GENVET: Branded Generic Veterinary Products LaunchedUnivet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company (UNAHCO) has launched Genvet, a new line of branded generic veterinary products that offers higher quality compared to those currently available in the market.

Clint Escondo, UNAHCOย marketing director, said that Genvet is the best alternative to cheaper but unbranded and unregistered products in the market with dubious quality and safety that can put the health of both animals and humans at risk.

“Genvet offers consumers and dealers an expanding line of trusted, reliable and quality veterinary products. We are confident that Genvet will satisfy animal raisers and breeders because they are affordable and safe, and the public is assured of good quality because it is from UHANCO,” Escondo said.

Genvet has currently four products in the market that are most commonly used by animal raisers and breeders: Genvet Tylo or tylosin tartrate; Genvet ADE or vitamins A, D, and E; Genvet Ivermec or ivermectin, and Genvet Oxyn or oxytocin.

Genvet Tylo is a broad spectrum antibiotic against pneumonia, while Genvet ADE is a multivitamin formulation that is needed for the overall health and growth of animals.

Genvet Ivermec is a broad spectrum dewormer that is effective against internal and external parasites, while Genvet Oxyn helps animals undergo easy labor and is also essential to ensure good milk production of lactating animals.

By the way, UNAHCOย also produces the country’s leading animal feeds and veterinary brands like Pigrolac, Thunderbird, Vetracin, Jectran and Latigo among others.

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  1. Hi Mr. Zarian. Everytime I go online, I never miss to visit your website. I love gardening and your plant collection always amazes me. I am from the northern part of Ilocos Norte but now residing in California. I am planning to bring Valencia orange and Chandler and Valentine pomelo trees on my next vacation to the Philippines. Do you think they grow well in my hometown? Of course, I intend to visit your farm too and hopefully meet you.

    1. Pomelo grows well in Ilocos. Chandler pomelo was introduced several years ago in the Philippines but the eating quality is not as good as other varieties we already have in the Philippines so those who have earlier planted it who are my friends have eliminated the same for better ones. We don’t know about Valentine pomelo.

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