Gerry Leal Wants To Copy Juanito Rama’s Technique

GERRY LEAL, an OFW who claims that he is an avid reader of our blog, has sent us a comment. He wants to know the protocol followed by Juanito Rama in producing 20.6 tons of corn (13.5% moisture content) per hectare. That was posted on March 26, 2014. He said he would like to adopt the technology followed by Mr. Rama in his own two-hectare farm in Tupi, Cotabato.

Well, following Mr. Rama’s exact technique might not necessarily give the same result. The condition of the soil in Mr. Rama’s farm might not be exactly the same as Mr. Leal’s. Mr. Rama planted his corn the no-tillage way after harvesting his rice in late November when the soil still had enough moisture. There are also other factors that can affect the outcome of the crop like weather condition and production management.

Anyway, no harm in trying. We advise Mr. Leal to contact Mr. Rama himself and probably Mr. Rama can provide useful suggestions. Here’s Mr. Rama’s contact number. 0917-321-6987. Good luck Mr. Leal.

We know Mr. Rama freely shares his know-how in farming. He organized a most successful cooperative that has been joined by 18 other farmers’ cooperatives to form a federation with about 8,000 members.

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  1. Sir Zac good day po ulit!! Thank you so much for the immediate reply. I was deeply elated because you even write for me here in your blog. Thank you for sharing Mr. Rama's number and I will contact when I will be on vacation this coming May 2014.I have so many things to clarify with him especially on the type of soil as the soil in my area is sandy loam….Thank you so much and God bless po…

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