The newly harvested Marang is really luscious.

A MANILA lady who wanted to taste Marang for the first time was really disappointed with the very poor taste of the fruit she bought. Her friends had earlier told her about the superb taste of Marang, sweet and very smooth to swallow.

NOT SURPRISING – We were not surprised because the Marang she tasted was harvested immature. Usually, those who ship from Mindanao don’t send the fully mature fruits because they have a very short shelf life. She should taste the ripe fruits that are newly harvested.

STRONG SMELL – Marang whose botanic name is Artocarpus odoratissimus has a very strong smell. To Marang lovers, that’s no problem. But there are some who can’t stand the strong aroma. Anyway, the smell is only present in the rind. The seeds and aril don’t have the smell.

So what one can do is to open the fruit and separate the arils from the rind. Throw the rind to the compost pit and place the arils in a plastic container then put in the chiller of the ref for an hour or two before eating. Of course, the arils can be eaten even without chilling.

LUZON FARMERS ENCOURAGED – Farmers in Luzon, especially near Manila, should be encouraged to plant Marang to supply the requirements of the big city. About 20 years ago, Eddie Odsigue of Teresa, Rizal had a few Marang trees that produced big fruits. They were planted together with jackfruit and mango trees.

CONTACT – Planting materials are available at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. You can contact Rose at 0915-002-1368, 0906-55-1791 or 0947-590-0398 )smart).

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