GEUKDONG-PH: Promising Forage Crop, Seeds Now Available

After conducting field experiments and laboratory analysis of a promising forage crop, Agri-Tech Integrated Services Corporation (ATISCO) is releasing seeds for commercial planting. This is what ATISCO calls Geukdong-PH which is a very palatable, high-yielding grass with protein content of 13.90% as per the analysis of dried samples by the Bureau of Animal Industry.

GEUKDONG-PH: Promising Forage Crop, Seeds Now Available
Seeds are available at the Sarian Farm at P100 per pack of 150 grams. Can also be delivered by JRS Express nationwide.

Geukdong-PH is a perennial plant that can be ratooned, and each ratoon can be harvested every 45 to 60 days. According to Dante Delima, operations manager of ATISCO, Geukdong-PH is more tender than napier so that it is better liked by farm animals. Practically everything is consumed by the animals.This grass can also be made into silage, an animal feed that is increasingly becoming popular among goat raisers and dairy farmers.

Geukdong can be propagated by seed. Packs weighing 150 grams may be bought at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal at P100 per pack. The seeds can also be ordered for delivery by JRS Express. You can contact Sarian Farm at 0995-584-9155 (Globe) or 0947-409-4700 (Smart).

One pack contains 1,900 to 2,000 seeds. Planting distance is 50cm x 50 cm at 2 to 3 seeds per hill. Prepare the land like the way you prepare for corn.

GEUKDONG-PH: Promising Forage Crop, Seeds Now Available
Geukdong-PH is a very promising forage crop for livestock.
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8 thoughts on “GEUKDONG-PH: Promising Forage Crop, Seeds Now Available

  1. Hi Zac,

    very interested in your article on geukdong-ph grass..I’d like to order some seed! 10x150gr packs via JRS express to their Bais City branch,negros oriental 6206. I understand they will collect the charge, P1000 plus the shipping cost at time of pick up,or I can send you a check if you prefer, please let me know which. phone no. 09274288262 (globe).
    Ron Leniston

    1. Dear Mr. Leniston, pls text me at 0947-409-4700 or 0995-584-9155 so that I can tell you how to avail.
      Well, this is how to avail of 10 packs. Total cost is 1,400 pesos including jrs express fee. You can send the amount to Zacarias Sarian thru MLhuillier, no need for my address. After remitting, pls text to me the KPTN to either my globe or smart number. Thanx, Zac Sarian

    2. Please text your complete name and address and number of packs you need to Zac Sarian at 0995-584-9155. We will text back to you how to avail of geokdong seeds and how to remit payment. Thanks, Zac Sarian

    1. We have only five packs of half kg each at 500 pesos each. If you want, you can pick up the same in Teresa. The stock is very limited now. The next harvest will be available at the end of April. Thanks.

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