Giant Beans Prepared Like Chocolate

Giant Beans Prepared Like Chocolate
Giant Beans Prepared Like Chocolate
Dr. Jose Medina showing the pod of the giant bean he got from Calauit, Palawan.

COLLECTING interesting plants, whether indigenous or exotic, can be a rewarding hobby or avocation. Just like Dr. Jose Medina, a retired professor from UP Los Baños who is serving as consultant to an NGO in Bacolod whose advocacy is organic farming.

We met Dr. Medina in the home of Ramon Uy in Bacolod on April 1 and was excited telling us about a giant bean that he got from Calauit in Palawan during a visit there.

The giant pod is about 9 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter at its widest. The pod contained 9 red seeds that are about 0.75 inch long.

What is interesting, according to Dr. Medina, is that the people in Palawan roast the seeds, make them into powder and then prepare the same into a beverage the way chocolate is prepared with sugar and milk. According to him, the giant bean makes a refreshing ‘chocolate’ beverage.

Giant Beans Prepared Like Chocolate
The pod of the giant bean is about 9 inches long,containing 8 red beans about 0.75 inch long each.
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4 thoughts on “Giant Beans Prepared Like Chocolate

  1. Hi Dr Zac, I think this is from the Carob tree? Ceratonia siliqua — Do you have seedlings of this po? We have a small farm in BIcol — actually old coconut/pineapple plantation that’s been neglected na as almost all of my family have migrated. But I’m still here in Manila and I wanted to turn it into a hobby farm sana, and plant unusual trees. Main goal ko actually was the Carob as it can be chocolate substitute and there is also a good market for the processed carob powder overseas.

  2. We also have plant like that in our place,,, Quirino province, and in san josecity,,, young fruits can be eaten as vegetables… The dried beans can be boiled and baked like the beans or boiled eaten like langga seeds… Once boiled remove the cotyldons… I thing this is the same seeds sold like peanuts on streets…

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